The Fiesta UNAM is the World’s Greatest Chess and Board Game Festival

Chess, it is safe to say, is a complete discipline due to the fact that it is considered to be an art, a sport, a game, and a science. It is a complete test of your mental capacity – one wrong move and you could find yourself on the end of an embarrassing defeat.

Chess and Game Festival in Mexico

If you happen to be a chess fan, then you really should head to Mexico City when it is hosting the Grand Fiesta UNAM. There are other games as well, but the main focus is on chess. Throughout the course of a week, thousands of chess players come from all over the world to compete in tournaments and other activities.

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The festival usually gets underway with a women’s chess tournament. However, to make things more interesting, all of the competitors have a lot less time to think about their moves. This is known as a rapid chess – if a player takes too long to make their move, they forfeit their move, which could end up costing them the match.

However, the main attraction of the tournament is the blindfold and rapid knockout competition that sees some of the world’s best chess players take part. For example, you will get to see chess legends such as Magnus Carlsen, Judit Polgar, Lazaro Bruzon, and Manuel Leon Hoyas. If you love your chess, it will be a fantastic experience to see such quality players in action.

Blindfold chess is the ultimate test of a person’s chess playing abilities. The aforementioned players make it look quite easy, but those of us normal chess players that have given it a go will know just how hard it is. With blindfold chess, you visualize the whole game in your mind, so one game can be extremely mentally draining.

What Type of Board Games Will You Find?

If chess is not quite your cup of tea, then don’t worry as there are plenty of other board game tournaments. For example, if you love yourself a game of Monopoly, then there are Monopoly tournaments that you can take part in. Furthermore, like with chess, some of the world’s best Monopoly players will come from all over the world for the right to be called the world’s best player.  

If you like to think of yourself as a bit of a detective, then you will be happy to hear that Cluedo is also on the list. Once again, there will be the chance to show off your Cluedo skills as well as get some tips by watching some of the world’s finest Cluedo players.

Do you consider yourself to be a talented speller? If you do, then why don’t you show everyone just how good you are by competing in one of the many Scrabble tournaments. You can also watch some of the finest Scrabble players in action.

Other great games that you will find at this festival include Battleship, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Trivial Pursuit, Ticket to Ride, The Game of Life, Pandemic, and Mastermind.